Unity Drum & Unity Song

Sessions are delivered by Steve Bretel based in Fife, Scotland. With over fifteen years experience as a group facilitator and workshop leader, he unites people of all ages and abilities through music. He’s also co-worked with storytellers, educators, and health & wellbeing practitioners throughout the country.

Steve’s background is wide-ranging. Music studies have included percussion with Ravin Jayasuria of One Voice Music, Level II facilitator status with U.S.A. drum circle master Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles, and also the Tonalis Music Centre under the direction of Michael Deason-Barrow. In London, he was trained by Chickenshed gaining qualifications in inclusive theatre practise, later co-founding Fife Shed theatre company. He’s worked as a practitioner for Drake Music Scotland using assistive technology, also Sense Scotland and performs regularly as part of the team of musicians at Music in Hospitals based in Edinburgh, working throughout Scotland. Steve’s also a visual artist with a BA in Visual Communication, studied theatre design at The Arches in Glasgow and been a member of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers, having worked in Wales and London. He later relocated, qualifying in experiential Outdoor Education in Edinburgh.

Steve is certified under the PVG scheme to work with adults and children, holds public liability insurance and adheres to the Community Musician’s Code of Conduct. He’s also a long-serving member of Sound Sense.