Drumming group in large room led by Steve

Get together. Get playing – join the fun!

Not so long ago, every culture enjoyed sharing music together. We’re all musical – even though we might not think we are – and it’s easy to forget how important this is for self-expression and how it can enrich and transform our lives. For over twelve years Unity Music has brought people of all ages and abilities together for creative learning, personal development and fun in Drum Circles, Interactive Performances and Sound Awareness sessions. Unity Music often works locally in Fife, but sessions are run throughout Scotland and the north of England, with both newcomers and experienced musicians alike. Go to Clients & Comments to hear what participants have said about their experiences.  Click on the blue page links to go direct to an area of interest or tour the site menus above. 


Unity Music runs sessions in:


Drum circles – Unity Drum

Everything’s provided – from large carnival drums down to the smallest percussion instruments, so there’s something for everyone to play, in small groups through to large conferences and events. Sessions can be opportunities for learning or just for fun. They’re inclusive – open to everyone at any age and walk of life, suitable for groups of individuals or organisations, and those recovering from illness or with a disability. They can be held anywhere – in community venues, schools, hospitals, hospices and care homes or where you work. Unity Music has even run drum circles in an island forest, in the middle of a loch! Both drum circles and interactive performances can be delivered as one-off events, or held regularly. While a session based around drums is often full of energy and excitement, participants may prefer it to be a time for reflection and mindfulness, so this is where tone chimes, rainsticks and ocean drums may be used instead.

Interactive performances – Unity Song

Ideal for care homes and hospitals, these sessions invite an audience to participate and interact with a guitar and vocal performance. This is done in a way that encourages individual involvement – singing along with songs or playing percussion – enabling the audience of residents, staff, friends and family to come together as part of a shared experience.

Other sessions

Workshops that give young people ideas on making things to play, encourage collaboration and cooperation with friends and family.  Others involve hightening awareness of the natural world. Also ask about teambuilding for your business or sessions that deal with workplace stress. There’s lots of choice and it’s easy to get involved – just get in touch!


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