Health & Wellbeing

‘Many would say the Maggie’s Centre is a beautiful place…. but through the workshop Steve added a vibrance and a beauty which is difficult to describe – the people who took part were captured by his energy, they were absorbed, delighted and fascinated by the music within them which he enabled them to discover.’

Lesley Howells, Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Centre Head, Maggie’s Dundee


Creative mindfulness – focus & feel good!

The need for creative social interaction lies deep within us – it’s been there since our ancestors first came together to celebrate new life, the changing seasons and the important events in their lives. Both rhythmic and melodic instruments have played their part as has social singing. Many of us these days live our lives at such a frenetic pace and with so many digital distractions in the virtual world there seems little space in which to be mindful of what’s really going in ourselves in the present moment. Some people rarely interact face to face with anyone anymore, easily leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and self-belief. Workplace stress is now increasingly common. As a result, many people feel the need to rediscover meaningful ways in which to be together – this is where Unity Music can help. These are some of the positive results:

  • help you feel good about yourself

  • share your creativity with others

  • learn to ‘be’ in the present moment

  • remind yourself how to have fun!

Relax or be energised – the choice is yours!

Sessions can be calming and meditative through the use of melodic instruments such as tone chimes and singing bowls, and also ocean drums and rainsticks, that allow the person to play where the focus is on just ‘being in the moment’. These incorporate the sounds around us and also within – even the rhythm of one’s own breathing. Equally, they can be lively and exuberant using a drum circle that brings everyone together to play large Brazilian samba drums and African djembes, along with hand-held percussion, where it’s often hard for people to contain their excitement. You only need be aware of how people move their bodies to the music when they feel at ease and ‘Dance like no one’s watching!’

By expressing yourself creatively, and sharing something of yourself with others in a fun and supportive social environment, the resulting feelings of joyfulness and wellbeing can overflow into your daily life. It’s even been suggested this can assist the healing process by energising the immune system, so can play a part in recovery from illness and help those with a disability. At the very least, you’re much more likely to get better when you feel good about yourself! Other sessions are interactive based around vocal performance, and are often carried out in a hospital setting. See Unity Song. 

Sessions can be run that are open to the community, based in a school or workplace, or be set up through your organisation. Get in touch for more information.


It may be possible to access funding for your event. Check out the Big Lottery Fund for eligibility.