Family Fun

‘The Music Group – and Steve who leads it – is wonderful. Steve holds the attention of everyone. He encourages, stimulates and gives appropriate encouragement to each person, knows their names, the things they like and how to bring out their best.’

From parents at the Arbroath Music Group


Mums, dads, kids – get playing!

Drum circles & workshops

Family drum circles bring all ages together to share their musical creativity and have fun. They’re open community sessions available to both children and adults, where people can can just turn up and join in. They’re held in community centres, halls – anywhere large enough that holds enough people. They’re also great for street parties outdoors in your neighbourhood. You don’t need to have done anything like this before. All the instruments are supplied – South American festival drums played with beaters, African djembes played with your hands, small percussion like cabasas & shakers and others on which you can play a tune. If you want to come along with your own drum, that’s fine too. Children need to be accompanied by adults.

Everyone takes part equally and everything you need is there, but if you want to bring along your own drum or percussion by all means do so. Whether you’re an experienced musician, complete newcomer or even someone who’s been told ‘You’re just not musical’ – don’t believe it! There’s lots of ways to take part. If you’re young or old, fully able or need extra support you’ll find you really can express yourself creatively – and have lots of fun! The drum circle is always popular, but other sessions such as ‘Junk Band’ and Instruments from Natural Materials’ are also available – see Making Things to Play. Come along and see how much fun you can have through shared music. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your community event, or to find out where and when the next session’s going to be, just get in touch.


It may be possible to access funding for your event. Check out the Big Lottery Fund for eligibility.