Unity Song

‘The concert was absolutely brilliant! He had all the residents joining in and we’d love to have him back again!’

Balcarres House, Dundee (age range 75 – 102)


Song-based sessions – guitar & voice in performance. 

Hundreds of performances have been delivered over the years through Music in Hospitals at venues from the north of Scotland through to the borders. These sessions have been developed after years of experience performing with function bands, duos and as a solo singer and guitarist. The approach has been modified to encourage participation and interaction by creating a fun and supportive atmosphere. Sessions can be age-targeted or more general. They’re ideal for people in:

care homes   •   day centres   •   hospital wards   •   hospices

What’s involved:

Instead of sitting passively, people are encouraged to participate and join in with songs. A typical performance is light-hearted encouraging a sense of fun involving a wide range of music in a flexible set that allows the audience to become involved. A wide range of music is used, often based around well known songs with a few less familiar ones that have been specifically chosen for having an easy sing-a-long chorus. For an older audience, Scottish folk, country songs with some blues and jazz will often feature, with more contemporary or participatory songs being included for a younger age group. Livelier sessions can also include some light percussion adding another means of interaction. Friends, family and staff are encouraged to join in and sessions can also form part of celebrations such as birthdays, St Andrew’s day, or the Queen’s jubilee. See Clients & Comments. The best length of performance time is usually between one hour to an hour and a quarter, although getting to know people beforehand and to chatting with them afterwards is part of the package. Even during the performance, each person is given some individual attention that makes them feel valued and included – as we’d all like to be treated!

Specific benefits for older people:

Musicality and a feeling for rhythm can still be retained well into old age, so it’s vitally important that this ability is used and kept alive. Sessions may also jog memories of happier times that people want to talk about which can lead to being more confident socially. Care home staff and family are often amazed to see the level of ability from people thought to be passive and no longer able to engage. If you’re an organisation, it’s important to discuss the needs of your audience prior to booking – you may also like to suggest what styles of music may work best, and if there are any birthdays or special events that need celebrating. Staff will also need to be present throughout a performance in order to be available for care and support. Please get in touch.