Wellbeing in the workplace


Improve how you feel about yourself and your work

It’s estimated that in the UK alone, work-related stress accounts for over 10 million lost working days each year – so how can we afford to ignore it? Each one of us needs a healthy work/life balance – not only to be effective in the workplace – but so we can lead happy and fulfilling lives. Technology has brought great advantages, but there can be other, less positive effects for ourselves as human beings. The pace of change is so rapid that it’s even more important we’re able to take a break to experience ourselves in the present moment and to be more physically active. Long periods spent sitting passively responding to emails and social media aren’t good for our long-term physical or mental health, and face to face communication may rarely happen – it’s possible to feel isolated even when surrounded by our colleagues. This is where Unity Music comes in!

  • help you feel good about yourself
  • share your creativity with colleagues
  • learn to ‘be’ in the present moment
  • remind yourself how to have fun!

Feelings of isolation, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and self-belief can be the results of not feeling good, and workplace stress is now increasingly common. As a result, many people feel the need to rediscover meaningful ways in which to be together – this is where Unity Music can help.

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